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LONDON - To See The Stones Plus More 

We love London. We love the Stones. So when we got the chance to get tickets and use our flyer miles to see the Stones in London we took it.  Had a fantastic week in a great city.   You can too!


SHANGRI-LA THE SHARD. We stayed at the Shangri-La hotel at The Shard on the South Bank of the Thames.  This is a really great part of London  too often overlooked.  The Shard is an incredible hotel with fantastic views of the city, day or night.

The Shard.jpg
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The South Bank. This side of the Thames, right across bridges from the center of London, is a delightful mix of scenes.  The famous Burrough Market is steps from The Shard. Then there is a playhouse modeled on Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, riverside pubs, restaurants, shops, and museums, and much more.

Burrough market.JPG
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Canals. London is criss-crossed with canals. We took a canal boat ride through London passing right by the stadium where the Stones were to play that evening.  Later we strolled along a lovely path by one of the canals.

P5222159 cr.jpg

The Stones. The highlight of the trip was to see the Stones concert in the very neighborhood where Mick and Keith met and formed the band. Incredible show.

Stones 6 cr.bmp
Stones - Sarah.bmp

Kensington Palace. Walking through Hyde Park and the adjoining Kensington Gardens in full May bloom, we visited Kensington Palace where there was a museum exhibit of Lady Diana memorabilia including some of her wardrobe.  


More London. Strolling around London is always full of delightful scenes.   

P5232261 cr2.jpg
P5252289 cr.jpg

It is amazing how much you can do in a week in London. This travelogue just scratches the surface  without room to cover the great and varied restaurants, bountiful good shopping, the West End, the wonderful Theatre District (we saw Hamilton while there), the monuments that you casually pass at every corner and so on.  And of course the museums.  You just have to visit for yourself.  I'd love to help you plan and book your trip!

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