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DUBLIN IRELAND - A Lovely City - trip report


Dublin is the urban heart of Ireland and provides charm, lively activity, hospitality, culture and so much more.  Come along on our visit to this wonderful city.

Streets of Dublin. We started our tour of Ireland in Dublin.  In preference to going to museums in a foreign city, we like to think of the city itself as the museum of its culture. Dublin’s “street museum” is lively and entertaining and colorful.  Here is just a sampling of Dublin’s street scene.

P5107963cr sh.jpg

Templebar. The Templebar area is somewhat of a colorful if  slightly shabby but fun hippy/ sailor/drinker neighborhood.


Kehoe’s. Had to stop for a pint at one of Dublin’s landmark pubs - Kehoe’s.

P5107949cr desat sh.jpg

Buskers. All cities have buskers - street musicians - but the ones we encountered in Dublin were remarkable, playing concert quality music, particularly the band on the right who played astonishingly accurate Pink Floyd with the soaring lead guitar played effortlessly, then Jimi Hendrix tune, Eric Clapton, etc. etc. 


Dublin bars and restaurants. The bars and restaurants were a treat.  Here is the awesome Cellar Bar under the Merrion Hotel (which we learned was is where the Duke of Wellington was born for all of you Duke fans).


Have a great meal in this multilevel lively hot spot - Fade Street Social (left), or at this lovely quiet restaurant, Chapter One (right).

Chapter One Restaurant Dublin.JPG

Donahue’s. Visit this landmark Dublin bar - a cute Irish pub mostly famous for its evening live folk music and a lively crowd.


Merrion Square. Lots of pretty parks in Dublin, including this one – Merrion Square - where there is a memorial to Oscar Wilde with a pedestal covered with many of the Wilde witticisms – including “Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you will never be invited to a party”. 


Guinness Storehouse.  Another Dublin landmark is the Guinness “Storehouse” - the original brewery where the founder in 1759 signed a 900 year lease for the property and went on to build a business known worldwide and providing employment to an impoverished country. The business developed new forms of transportation – including their own locomotives on special tracks to fit inside the brewery and storehouse, and special barges and ships to transport the product nationally and internationally. Lots to see and do here!


Trinity College. Visited the museum at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells – unfortunately no pictures allowed of that treasure, but the library is impressive and contains the oldest Irish harp – a remarkably elaborate instrument.


Westbury Hotel. We stayed at the Westbury Hotel in the heart of Dublin.  A beautiful Virtuoso property.

Westbury Hotel Dublin-1.jpg
Westbury Interior.JPG

That's it for our report on Dublin. Of course there is much more to see and do in Dublin.  But this gives you an idea of the feel of the place.  You may also be interested in seeing our report on Western Ireland

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