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Friendly and Professional

Thank you Sarah for the excellent service you provided us on our family trip to Honolulu and our stay at the Moana Surfrider Westin Hotel and Spa.  We had a wonderful time at that hotel learning to surf on Waikiki Beach.  Due to your efforts we enjoyed a free breakfast on their beautiful terrace each morning and an upgraded room with a spectacular view.   We would have paid much more for those extras if we had done it ourselves. In total, you made the booking and the planning of the vacation so much easier as you clearly listened to our needs and made great suggestions. Thank you, Sarah.

Frances Donovan, Berkeley, CA

Her friendly and enthusiastic manner is infectious.

Sarah is the best person to help you plan your dream vacation.  She comes up with amazing suggestions and advice which have proven to make all the difference time and again.  While at the same time she makes the whole headache of getting booked at the right place, for the right price, totally smooth.  Since we started working with Sarah, we do not go to any other travel agents.  Her friendly and enthusiastic manner is infectious.

Eva Angell, Berkeley, CA

Extremely Responsive

Sarah is the best travel consultant we've used. She is extremely responsive to requests and questions, and given she is very well traveled herself, her recommendations come from personal experience.  Through her connections, we most always receive perks and upgrades.  Thank you Sarah!

Kevin Gooch & George York, Washington, D.C.

Fantastic Travel Consultant

Sarah is an absolutely fantastic travel consultant. Her recommendations come from her extensive personal knowledge along with her experience and research, and it is always tailored  personally to us, based on keeping in mind personal preferences.   And she provides this expertise without us even paying her in most cases.   In fact, through her connections, we usually receive free perks and upgrades. She is extremely responsive to requests and questions.  And her enthusiasm makes her a delight to work with.  While it is a trite saying, it really is a no-brainer to use Martiniak Travel. 

Mike and Ardith Plimack, Marin, CA


Sarah's love of travel is infectious. She inspired me to take vacations I have been dreaming about for years. 

Robert Buch, Los Angeles, CA

Such an exciting trip!

Thanks so much for the VIP treats you got for me at the hotel in Patagonia!  This has been such an exciting trip!  We leave the beautiful lodge today and travel to Santiago. The people - group leaders as well as other travelers have been phenomenal. I’ll send a few highlights:

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Fay Gallus, Kenwood CA

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