SILVERSEA CRUISE - Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore

We loved our SilverSea Cruise aboard the Silver Shadow, a small cruise ship (382 passengers, 295 crew) with luxury accommodations and excellent cuisine. We cruised from Hong Kong to Singapore with several stops in Vietnam.  Skip to a destination by clicking on its name here.

Hong Kong,                                 Hanoi,                                Halong Bay,                                 Nha Trang,

                                     Hoi An,                           Saigon,                                 Singapore                              




Make sure you arrive in Hong Kong several days before sailing so you have a chance to visit and explore this fascinating city.  Here is the view from a room at the Ritz Carlton, a Virtuoso hotel, atop the 108-story Intercontinental Commerce Tower

IMG_0624cr hu ct.jpg

SOHO  Did you know that Hong Kong has a Soho?  Crammed with boutiques and restaurants with delicious world cuisines – our favorite was “Le Souk.” Ride up and down Hong Kong’s mountainside terrain on the escalators connecting the bustling downtown with the “Mid Levels” where Soho is found and the residential upper levels. How convenient is that? 

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HOTELS  Hong Kong has wonderful Virtuoso hotels including an amazing Four Seasons, and the classically elegant Shangri-La.


TRAM AND GARDENS  Don’t forget to take the tram up to Victoria peak with its panoramic views, and to make a visit to the beautiful Hong Kong Park with its aviary and botanical gardens just steps from the bustling heart of the city. 


KOWLOON No visit is complete without a ferry ride.  Fun, convenient, fast and cheap (just 40 cents US!).  It’s a great way to visit Kowloon with the iconic Peninsula Hotel (a Virtuoso hotel), its warrens of little shops, ethnic restaurants, and brightly lit night scene. While there you might as well have a drink in the ultra Ozone Bar in the Ritz Carlton atop the 108 story Intercontinental Commerce Tower and view Hong Kong’s evening light show.

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ABERDEEN You might also want to go over to the other side of the Island to Aberdeen for a visit to the Jumbol Floating Restaurant.



Make sure you take advantage of the seaplane from Halong Bay, where the ship anchors, to Hanoi and avoid the 4 hour drive. 


Walk around the peaceful green central lake. Visit the lively old town with its jumble of shops, bars, and restaurants spilling out to the street. 


Visit the historic Temple of Literature, and other colorful temples, and have some famous Vietnamese coffee at one of the many coffee shops. Experience a very busy thriving city.

Have some famous Vietnamese coffee at one of the many coffee shops. Experience a very busy thriving city.



Take a cruise in this UNESCO World Heritage Site - surely one of the natural wonders of the world, with it thousands of rocky islands jutting up in fascinating weird formations.





Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has largely been preserved in its 19th century form. Stroll along its river and cross the ancient Japanese bridge into the heart of town.  Visit the two century old Tan Ky House.


GREAT SHOPPING Visit the great boutiques housed in centuries old buildings.

ART GALLERIES Browse the many art galleries.

MADE TO ORDER And have a shirt or dress made in a couple of hours.  While you wait, grab some delicious local cuisine at one of the many charming restaurants. 

OTHER SIGHTS Check out the open air market, and the colorful temples.

BEACH RESORTS After your visit in town relax and enjoy the beautiful beach at nearby resorts, maybe wearing your newly made dress!




Na Trang is a great beach resort town. But for a more immersive experience (and some pleasant exercise) take a bicycle ride through the green countryside outside Na Trang, past verdant rice paddies, farms and livestock, and through small villages.  

LOCAL LIFE You can stop to visit locals making rice paper, polishing brass items in preparation for the Chinese New Year Holiday, getting a haircut, or otherwise tending to everyday life. . 

HOLIDAY REPAST We happened to be visiting on the very day of the holiday and were fortunate to be able to meet a charming family preparing for the holiday meal.  



Zoom around Saigon on a Vespa, visiting the enormous central flower market, and the nearby outdoor food market, the Embassy district, the grand avenues downtown, and Chinatown.  Encounter everyday life in Saigon.


MORE SAIGON  Check out the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas where you will find, that’s right, an amazing 10,000 (count ‘em) Buddhas. Admire the lovely French architecture in the world famous Post Office, and the cathedral across the street.   

SECRET WAR BUNKER Climb down into a secret underground war munitions bunker. 

FINE ART  Then go visit the Fine Arts Museum to get out of the heat and see some impressive art. .  

DINE Then have a great meal in the cozy and historic Temple Club restaurant, built in an old temple.

OTHER SIGHTS There is so much more to Saigon than these few shots can convey.  Beautiful plazas and incredible hotels on top of cultural celebrations, music and performance events and much are all there for the visitor.



 Singapore is an oasis of manicured modern urban beauty.


EAST AND WEST Singapore juxtaposes ultra modern and ancient Eastern architecture. .

STROLLING SINGAPORE Stroll around and visit quiet pretty streets in the center of town, its ethnic neighborhoods, and of course shopping.

GARDENS Visit the huge and gorgeous Singapore Botanic Garden and the National Orchid Garden.

TEMPLES Visit Signapore's temples 

THE FULLERTON You might want to stay at the classic Fullerton Hotel, Virtuoso property.  It is elegant throughout.

RAFFLES Even if you do not stay at the famous Raffles hotel, you have to visit the Long Bar  with its colonial look and ambience and for its famous Singapore Sling.  .