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All kinds of hotels.  Of course there is a huge range of hotel and resort types, from giant grand hotels to small charming boutique hotels.  From refined and elegant to chic and hip.  From old world charm to cutting edge avante-garde.  We have all types and sizes in our network around the world.  We'd love to work with you to find out what kind of hotel you would like, and to find just the one(s) for you.

Preferred Partners.  We are preferred partners with the finest hotels around the world - small and large.  You can see a partial list of these hotel groups on our Preferred Partners page.  Through our relationships with these hotels we can book them for you at no fee cost to you, and in addition, provide amenities such as room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, and a $100 credit for meals or other services.   Often, the special benefits we provide can be combined with other promotions, such as third night free offers.

Book a hotel and pay us nothing.  As described in more detail in Why Use Us, we use our expertise to help you select the perfect hotel, inn or resort and then book it for you at no fee cost to you!  We will be compensated by the hotel.

Let's get started!  If you have not already done so, we need you to fill out our client intake form and our travel request form so we have the information we will need to efficiently make your bookings.  Then we follow these steps.

1. Get to know you call - During our initial consultation, we discuss your travel plan so we know where you will need hotel bookings.  We will also discuss your travel style, the kinds of hotel you are looking for, your budget, special needs and desires of those traveling as well as any additional considerations needed to select hotels tailored to you.  This call is crucial for success and is quite fun!

2. We design - While you daydream about your trip, we tap into our extensive knowledge base.  We will select hotels with your individual tastes in mind, and will be prepared to discuss routing and suggested adjustments as to time and destinations, and suggestions of activities - should you want them.

3. Itinerary Review - We present our proposed hotel recommendations, you provide feedback. 


4. Booking.  Then we make the bookings and you are all set!



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