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Why you need an advisor.  In travel, the growing conception has been that self-booking a trip online has replaced the need to use a travel advisor.  The reality is there are too many options, too many hidden fees, little to no added value and too much of a time commitment involved.  As expert advisors we can cut through the thicket and use our expertise, knowledge, experience and network to put to together the perfect trip for you. 

...and It may cost you nothing to use our services and expertise!




Hotel Bookings  

You already selected your destination and timing but would like help booking a hotel.  We step in to make suggestions, gather rates and advise you of the distinctive perks you would receive by booking through us.  You may wonder how can this be free?  Simple answer, the hotel gives us compensation for this.  We give you the same rates as you would get if you booked on your own.  Depending on the hotel, we can also get you additional amenities such as room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, a $100 credit for meals or services at no additional cost, that you would not receive by booking on your own.  These can often be combined with other promotions, such as getting a third night free.

Cruise Bookings   

At no cost to you,  we navigate the plethora of options in selecting the right cruise for you based on the experiences you are looking for.  We are able to get the same rates you see online, and are also able to offer exclusive value added amenities you would not otherwise receive.  You may ask, how can this be free?  Just as in hotel bookings, the cruise company will compensate us.


Custom Trip Design and Planning

 If you want to plan a future vacation but need assistance with the where, when and type of trip, we would love to provide our planning services.  The process of researching and composing an itinerary that is right for you requires time and effort that goes beyond the help we provide without charge for an ordinary hotel or cruise booking.  We have a modest  Trip Planning Fee that covers initial consultation, research, and developing and revising proposals to create the perfect customized vacation for you.  We will quote the fee in our initial consultations. When you decide to go ahead  and have us book the trip, there are no additional fees for booking and our support during your travels. 


  • Access to Our Preferred Partners:  We are Virtuoso advisors - that’s travel talk for VIP.  Virtuoso is an exclusive, by-invitation-only global network of luxury travel agencies and preferred travel partners.  We have relationships with the world’s leading hotels, cruise lines and tour operators.  Through our affiliation with Virtuoso member hotels, and preferred vendors (too many to list here, but see the Preferred Partners page) our clients can receive exclusive access and added value, including but not limited to free upgrades, monetary credits and special experiences at member hotels and cruise lines – amenities you simply would not otherwise receive, at no cost to you.  Bottom line:  Our premier connections provide the best value for our clients’ time and money.

  • Travel is in our blood.  We have been traveling the globe all our lives accumulating a vast storehouse of first-hand knowledge of the world’s best destinations, accommodations and experiences that we can draw on to curate transformative travel experiences for you.  We are tapped into travel trends from hot new destinations to new perspectives on tried and true locales.

  • We are full service advisors.  We cover everything from crafting the big picture that will define and personalize your vacation, to paying fanatic attention to the nitty details that will make is seamless.  For example, we make sure our contacts at your luxury destination properties get a letter introducing you and passing on any special requests or needs to personalize your stay. 


Our enthusiasm and dedication to our clients is unmatched.

We do what we love and that passion translates into unrivaled escapes for you.

Let us be your experience designers.

Please read more about us on About Us.  


1. Get to know you call - During our initial consultation, we discuss your preferred travel style, favorite hotels and resorts, your ideal type of vacation, budget, special needs and desires of those traveling as well as any additional considerations.  This call is crucial for success and is quite fun!

2. We design - While you daydream about your time away, we tap into our extensive network of contacts with global knowledge base.  We will create an itinerary with your individual tastes in mind, including where to lay your head at night, routing options, length of time per area, and suggestions of activities unique to the locale and your requests.

3. Itinerary Review - We present our proposed itinerary, you provide feedback and we then work to customize it into the trip you can't wait to take!

This results in personalized travel planning and bookings that are perfect for you!

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