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We have a wealth of travel planning ideas and the resources to put them into a seamless experience.   We would love to use our travel planning knowledge and expertise, personal worldwide experience, and our network of connections and preferred partners, to create something special for you.

We have extensive travel experience to draw on.  For example, after 13 years as a travel advisor, Sarah has put together literally hundreds of amazing trips all over the world for clients from all over the world.  On top of that, she has personally traveled all over the world beginning in early childhood (see About Us).  So she can draw on that background to provide personalized travel advice and planning unlike anyone else.  

And once your dream trip is created we do not abandon you.  We pay fanatic attention to details to make sure all runs without a hitch.  And if some unforeseen hitch does arise, we are there to fix it and can draw on our network and personal connections around the world to fix it in the best way possible.


Here's how it works: 

Client intake form.  If you have not already done so, we need you to fill out our client intake form.

1. Get to know you call - During our initial consultation, we discuss your preferred travel style, favorite hotels and resorts, your ideal type of vacation, budget, special needs and desires of those traveling as well as any additional considerations.  This call is crucial for success and is quite fun!

2. We design - While you daydream about your time away, we tap into our extensive network of contacts with global knowledge base.  We will create an itinerary with your individual tastes in mind, including where to lay your head at night, routing options, length of time per area, and suggestions of activities unique to the locale and your requests.

3. Itinerary Review - We present our proposed itinerary, you provide feedback and we then work to customize it into the trip you can't wait to take!

How we are compensated:

As you can imagine, the process of researching and composing an itinerary that is right for you requires time and effort that goes beyond the help we provide without charge for an ordinary hotel or cruise booking.  We have a modest  Trip Planning Fee that covers initial consultation, research, and developing and revising proposals to create the perfect customized vacation for you.  We will quote the fee in our initial consultations.  When you decide to go ahead and have us book the trip, there are no additional fees for booking or for our support during your travels. 

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