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SEA DREAM YACHT Caribbean Cruise - Pure Luxury -  trip report

The Sea Dream Yacht.  This is a small sleek luxurious yacht with a maximum of 112 passengers (and a crew of 96!).  The service is incredibly attentive and fun.  The ship is exquisite in appointments, cuisine, amenities and destinations. It is llike having your own luxury yacht.  It says a lot that almost a third of the passengers were returning guests - I call them Sea Dreamers!  This is a report on a Sea Dream Yacht cruise in the Caribbean in November 2016

Barbados.  On the day after Thanksgiving we traveled from New York City to take a Sea Dream Yacht cruise in the Caribbean.  We arrived in Barbados where the ship was to depart the next day.  Barbados was warm and sunny– a great start for the cruise.


Sea Dream Yacht.  On Saturday, we boarded the Sea Dream Yacht to start our week long cruise.  This ship is sleek and beautiful inside and out.  Despite the its small size, the cabins were spacious and elegant.  See Sea Dream's website.


Mayreau:  In the morning, we arrived at the island of Mayreau, in the Grenadines.  We hiked over the hill to a beautiful semi-secluded beach on the other side of the tiny island.  After a swim, we were treated to a barbecue lunch with island music and starting with Champagne and caviar served in the waves.


Bequia/Mustique:  The next day we arrived in Bequia where we immediately boarded a catamaran for the island of Mustique.  Mustique is a privately-owned island that is home to many famous people.  Mick Jagger, Ryan Adams, Shania Twain have palatial estates there.  After a tour of the island, we hung out at the Cotton House, a historic resort with a nice beach, lush grounds, and a pretty waterfront restaurant.

Iles Des Saintes:  The next day we arrived at the charming French island of Iles des Saintes.  After a little shopping in the charming town, we hiked over to the other side of the island and climbed up to a hilltop fort guarding an inlet.  Then relaxed and swam at the beach in the cove below us..

St. Barth’s:  Our final island  was St. Barthelemy, known as St. Barth’s.  It was the best of all.  We rented a cute convertible Mini and explored.  We visited the highest point on the island for some beautiful views.

Eden Rock.  We then found a beautiful beach at Eden Rock, and enjoyed ourselves in this idyllic spot.

PC026957cr sh_edited.jpg

Ship dining.  Needless to say, the dining aboard the Sea Dream was superb.  Here the gracious and fun head waiter, Silvio, makes us feel welcome.  The next night we dined with the Chief Officer.

Goodbye Sea Dream Yacht!  On our last night, there was a party with live music on deck and a festive time.  Then we said our goodbyes.

That's it for our report on out Sea Dream Caribbean Cruise. You may also be interested in seeing our reports on other island destinations, such as our Paros report, the Windstar Aegean Island Cruise report, the Star Clipper Thai Island Cruise report, our Bali report and our report on The Maldives.  

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