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Have you been thinking how nice it would be to lie on a beach in Hawaii?

After all we have been through.

       White sand beaches.

              Warm tropical flower scented breezes.

                     85-degree water to body surf in. 

                           And so much more

You bet it's a dream escape and you and yours DESERVE it! 


Sarah can make it happen without you lifting a finger, or paying a penny more than you would doing all the work on your own.  Born and raised in Hawaii, she knows the native Hawaii, the local Hawaii.   She can use her knowledge and experience and connections to plan and book that special Hawaiian holiday that is right for YOU.  

BUT WARNING: EVERYBODY is craving to get away, so beat the rush and book now.  Your booking would be refundable if, heaven forbid, you cannot go.

Visit MartiniakTravel.com to find out more about Sarah's years of travel advice experience, her affiliation with TravelEdge with the connections and preferred relationships that provides.  And the free amenities she can often get you.

Or better yet - just email or call her: Sarah@MartiniakTravel.com, 510 918-1503

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So what is there to do in Hawaii?  


.Take a dolphin spotting cruise


See the gorgeous canyons and mountains.



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Volcanos, fumeroles, lava fields and lava tubes

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Swim with turtles


Enjoy the tropical flora.


Beach time.


Balmy sunsets


Cruises - sightseeing, fishing, pleasure boating