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MEDITERRANEAN SPAIN - Granada, Barcelona, Ibiza

Here is a quick visit to Spain, starting in Granada then passing through Barcelona on the way to the island of Ibiza.  Each spot could well sustain a longer visit, but this will give you a glimpse of what you will can see and do.



The Alhambra is a former Moorish royal palace in the mountains of Andalusia, later the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella where Columbus received royal endorsement for his voyage of discovery. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site  exhibiting the country's most significant and well-known Islamic architecture, together with 16th-century and later Christian buildings and gardens.

The alhambra.jpg

The interior of the Alhambra is famous for its walls having many beautiful, intricate details of carved stucco and stone along with tile mosaics ("alicatado"), with complicated mathematical patterns ("tracería", most precisely "lacería").

Spain Zoe pix 032.jpg
Spain part 1 068.jpg
Spain part 1 081.jpg
Spain part 1 085.jpg

The Alhambra is also famous for its park and gardens, planted by the Moors with roses, oranges, and myrtles. The park has a multitude of nightingales and is usually filled with the sound of running water from several fountains and cascades.

Spain part 1 106.jpg
Spain part 1 133.jpg

Bubion.  We visited the mountain village of Bubion, outside Granada, for a taste of this mountainous region's beauty and a sample of the pretty hamlets nestled there.

Spain part 1 011.jpg
Spain Zoe pix 006.jpg



We made a brief visit to Barcelona, a city that deserves much more time., but we were on our way to an Island villa on Ibiza.  

Park Guell 3.JPG

Barcelona has a charming feel mixing interesting urban architecture, plazas, tree lined boulevards, back alleys, beaches, street Flamenco guitarists, museums and more, in addition to its most famous monuments.

Spain Zoe pix 042.jpg
Spain Zoe pix 057.jpg
Picasso museum.jpg
Spain part 2 025.jpg
Spain part 2 012.jpg
Spain part 3 027.jpg

SAGRADA FAMILIA.  Of course the most famous Barcelona site is the Sagrada Familia - the breathtaking unfinished basilica conceived by Antoni Guadi.  Take the dramatic and dizzying climb inside the towers for a unique experience!

Sagrada Familia cr.jpg
Spain part 3 040.jpg
Spain part 3 066.jpg
Spain part 3 058.jpg

PARK GUELL. The incredible inventive genius of Antoni Gaudi is also on display at the famous Park Guell.

Park Guell 4.jpg
Park Guell 6.jpg
Park Guell 2.JPG


From Barcelona off we went to the Balearic island of Ibiza.  While Ibiza is known for its all-night music parties, it is also just a lovely island for a getaway. We stayed is a quiet private villa over a cove of crystal clear water.

Spain part 4 012.jpg
Spain Zoe pix 091.jpg

Sant Vincent.  Nearby was the tiny village of Sant Vincent with a beautiful beach on which to swim or play paddle board as I am doing, and where there is a very nice restaurant on the beach called oddly enough, "On the Beach" Restaurant.

Spain Zoe pix 095.jpg
Spain part 4 032_edited.jpg
Sant Vincent beach restaurant.JPG
Sant Vincent beach restaurant 2.JPG

I hope this report gives you some ideas for travel in this part of Spain.  What an enjoyable visit we had.  Let me help you plan and book your adventure in Spain.

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