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NEW YORK CITY - B TRAIN ODYSSEY - Yankee Stadium to Coney Island

Metroplitan Opera House, Lincoln Center


Take a ride with us to the stops on the B Train!  And see a lot of New York City. Its amazing route takes you from Yankee Stadium in Queens to Brighton Beach in South Brooklyn. It winds through Harlem, along Central Park, through the Upper West Side,  through midtown Manhattan and on through DUMBO in Brooklyn to Brighton Beach and Coney Island. 


Yankee Stadium.  First stop on our B Train ride is Yankee Stadium in Queens, for an afternoon game.


The Apollo Theater Next stop is in Harlem - for a concert at the fabled Apollo Theater.

IMG_3168fx cr.jpg

Columbia University. Get off the B Train at 110th to visit Columbia University on the Upper West Side.

Columbia U.JPG

St. John's Cathedral.  Very close to Columbia University is the beautiful but underrated cathedral of St. John the Divine, and its lovely Peace Fountain.

IMG_2704sh cr2 ct.jpg

Smoke.  How about some jazz at the Smoke jazz club at 106th on the the Upper West Side?


The Seinfeld hangout.  The B Train also takes you to Tom's Restaurant, the Upper West Side restaurant that was the model for Monk's Cafe in the Seinfeld series.


Cornucopia of restaurants. The next several stops of the B Train bring you to many restaurants with food from around the world.  Here are a just a few examples. Pasha, a cozy Turkish restaurant (Left), and Awash, a lovely Ethiopian restaurant (Right).

IMG_2659fx cr.jpg

More restaurants. Continuing down the line, there is Bar Boloud by 3-star chef, Daniel Boloud (Left).   And the lovely and cozy French Bistro, Le Monde (Right).

Bar Buloud.JPG
Le Monde.JPG

Lincoln Center. The B Train takes you to the impressive Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center, where you can see incredible performances.


Central Park. The B Train runs the entire length of Central Park on its west side.  There are many park highlights on this side of the park, just across from B Train stops.  Pay respects to John at the Lennon Memorial, or stop for drinks or dinner at Tavern on the Green, listening to recorded Frank Sinatra outside, or a live jazz band inside.

2006 New York Trip 057cr fx.jpg
IMG_2803sh fx ct cr.jpg

The Plaza Hotel. At the bottom of the park, the B Train swings east and takes you a few steps from the famous Plaza Hotel where you might want some Champagne at the elegant Champagne Bar or high tea at the iconic Palm Court.

Plaza Hotel Champagne bar.JPG
Plaza Hotel courtyard fx.jpg

Rockefeller Center. Next stop on the B Train is Rockefeller center, where in the morning you can catch a morning broadcast of the Today show, and in December, the ice skating rink and holiday decorations.

Today Showfx.jpg

Times Square. The B Train takes you to Times Square and the Theater District.  

Times Square.JPG

Macy's and Madison Square Garden. Next stop on the B Train is 34th Street - so much there!  Some shopping at THE Macy's (the one in Miracle on 34th Street).  And/or sports at Madison Square Garden.  Or how about stopping for a visit to the Empire State Building?

Madison Square Garden.JPG
Empire State Building.JPG
Empire State Building view.JPG

Washington Square Park and NYU. The next B Train stop takes us to Washington Square Park, where there is always something going on - maybe because it is so close to NYU.


Greenwich Village. Now the B Train has us in Greenwich Village, a haven of pretty little tree-lined streets, great boutiques, and tons of cozy little restaurants.  There are 34 French bistros in GV alone, each one cuter than the last one!

P9044222 crop.jpg
IMG_2611sh ct.jpg

LIttle Italy. Next stop - Little Italy.  Any day is a good day to visit, but on San Gennaro day, it is a festival.

Little Italy.JPG

Katz's Deli and Delancey Street. The B Train now takes us to the venerable Katz's Deli, a carnivore's shrine.  Then on to the colorful, gritty Delancey Street neighborhood.


DUMBO.  Now the B Train crosses the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn, stopping in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) - a hip Brooklyn neighborhood. You can enjoy Barge Music - chamber music on a barge under the bridge, and then find a great little restaurant.


Brighton Beach & Coney Island.  Finally the B Train terminates at Brighton Beach, which is just down the beach from Coney Island.


Any more? This was a long trip on the B Train with a lot of things to see and do along the way.  Was anything omitted?  You bet there was. Tons more along the B Train line - like The American Museum of Natural History, Zabar's, concerts at the Julliard School of Music, Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park, Gramercy Park. Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Park Zoo, and much more. But this travelogue gives you an idea of how amazing the B Train route is, and indeed how  jammed with attractions New York City is. 

Not covered in this report are the fantastic hotels (besides the Plaza which we did mention) that can make your visit all the more enjoyable.  But we have that covered - just give us a call!

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