PAROS ISLAND – An Idyllic Greek Getaway

One of the jewels of the Aegean, Paros is austerely beautiful. It is large enough to provide interesting variety - many cute towns dot the island, many beautiful beaches, lots of activities, even another island to visit just a short hop away - but small and quiet enough for a real respite. 


We stayed at the lovely White Dunes Hotel on the north end of the island.

P9033230cr sh.jpg

The hotel is on Santa Maria bay with big and little beaches, and little private coves we could have to ourselves for some skinny dipping in the warm crystal clear water.


There is plenty of great dining on Paros, such as at seaside Siparos, and in the town of Naoussa at Mario’s.  Not to mention at our hotel and in the many other towns on Paros.

IMG_6322 sh hu.jpg


We took a trip to Anti-Paros, taking the 5-minute car ferry, and toured in our rental car.  The town is pretty and has good shops. We went to St. George beach at the other end of the island and had lunch at Captain Pipino’s on the water, with its freshly caught seafood drying in the sun.

P9012962cr fx.jpg

Anti-Paros wind surfing and St. George Beach.



The town of Naoussa is liveliest on the island, with its harbor walk and fishing boats bringing in fresh seafood, tons of boutiques, bars, and music venues. A very happening place.

IMG_6324cr hu.jpg
Naoussa cr.jpg


We also visited Lefkes, a picturesque hilltop town that was once the capital city. Noted for its bougainvillea and blue doors and windows

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