We drove from Bryce Canyon to the Red Cliffs Lodge just outside Moab, Utah to visit the two major parks adjacent to Moab - Arches and Canyonlands.  


Canyonlands is an enormously vast park with several  sub regions. The most popular is the northern part called “Eye in the Sky”.  You hike to the top of the butte and understand why this is called Eye in the Sky.  We started on the South side of the Butte with these views of massive rock cliffs, and jagged twisting river canyons.

PA227735cr2 sh.jpg

We then came back on the North side with a new set of vistas. This view takes in a needle spire miles off. 


On the way out of the park, we stopped to see Mesa Arch. 


Speaking of arches, the next day  we visited and hiked in Arches National Park where there are over 2000 natural rock arches, and lots of great trails, slot canyons and other features.    

In addition to arches there are lots of "fins" like these.  We even scrambled to the top of one.


We also, of course, saw lots of arches including the longest natural arch in the world (Landscape Arch on the left below).  


Arches is filled with odd and interesting rock formations, including the famous "balancing rock".


We stayed near Moab at the aptly named Red Cliffs Lodge. This is where the John Wayne movie Rio Grande was filmed and where Thelma and Louise drove off the cliff and where tons of other movies were filmed. The movie museum in the Red Cliffs Lodge is very entertaining with lots of movie memorabilia and film clips. I got to meet John Wayne.   

I got to do some horseback riding over the beautiful terrain.


The drive to the Red Cliffs Lodge follows the Colorado River and is just beautiful.


Near the Red Cliffs Lodge is the beautiful Sorrel River Ranch  Resort.  We had dinner and marveled at the views.  


There is much more to see and do in the Moab area.  Many of the activities, such as guided hikes and kayaking were unavailable when we visited, due to Covid19.  But soon all will be back in action!  So let me help you plan a trip!