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PANAREA - An Aeolian Jewel - Trip Report 

PANAREA - This is an island in the Aeolian Island chain just north of Sicily, where jet setters go to get away from jet setters.  No cars are permitted on the island, but there are carts to carry you around when needed. We visited in September - the ideal time because the crowds have dwindled, but the weather is still perfect.  The little town is utterly charming and filled with lovely lanes, cute boutiques, and very nice little restaurants with a variety of cuisines. 

Hotel Raya.  We stayed at the lovely Hotel Raya. We had a fantastic view from our deck of the famous volcano on the nearby island of Stromboli. The multiple pools (hot, cold, mineral) were luxurious. The hotel has fine shops including a boutique with chic but casual men's and women's clothes designed by the owner.

Hotel Restaurants.  The hotel's restaurant with its deck overlooking the water provided great dining and views at night or by day, and even the alfresco breakfast on the upper terrace was a delightful experience.

Island boat trip.  On a beautiful day we took a small boat around the island.  There are amazing rock formations, many small islets jutting up, little coves, and lots of glorious sun to soak up.

Hiking.  Panarea presents many wonderful walks, hikes and climbs, including one to the island mountaintop. There are ancient ruins, lovely coves and beaches.

Trip-end getaway.  For a bit of R&R at the end of your European trip, you cannot find a better spot than lovely, hip, Panarea.  It is easy to get to by catching one of the short boat rides from Sicily - leaving several times a day.  Once there you will experience luxury in a very casual natural setting - far from grand hotels, boulevards, crowds and noise but with finest cuisine and accommodations.  A true haven.

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